The waterproofing is responsible for the sealing system, fill or seal the porous materials and their flaws, whether motivated by structural moments or technical failures of preparation and execution.

Our company is recognized as a professional partner in the segment of rehabilitation, with high level of difficulty especially in the area of waterproofing we follow-up work, ensure quality and long-term functionality of our products.

We have a range of products consists of net screens polyurethane base;
- Aromatic polyurethane resins, pigmented for waterproofing roofs, terraces and balconies.

- Colorless aliphatic polyurethane-resin for sealing or finishing of ceramic sealing and waterproofing systems.

- Resin Of single component Polyurethane, transparent with high mechanical resistance for sealing ceramic floors.

- Aliphatic polyurethane-resin, single component for protection and waterproofing pools.

Bituminous membranes
Membranes for use in waterproofing systems are constituted generally by bitumen Polymers. The bituminous mass surrounding the armor polyester, fiberglass, polyethylene, or metal. Like finish, allowing the winding can be used polyethylene film, Sand or granulated slate.

Target areas :
- Water reservoirs;
- Balconies, terraces and roofs
- Lajes;
- Gutters and guttering;
- Tiled floors (bathrooms, kitchens, service areas);
- Floors;
- Buried walls
- Walls with moisture